Our Team is located directly across from the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) in a restored 1900’s Victorian home once belonging to a former University of Rochester professor. The area is now known as the Neighborhood of The Arts (NOTA) district and our office has magnificent views of the MAG.

Research Financial Group works diligently to provide clear, goal-oriented strategies that help enable clients to seek Financial Balance and make sound decisions. We define Financial Balance as; The achievement of success, not measured by dollars or wealth, but by the attainment of a lifestyle one desires tomorrow as well as today.

Our process is quite involved and thorough. It considers all aspects of your family and business life to carve out a plan that is sensible, practical and workable. We deploy a commonsense approach to our strategies that our clients understand.

The independent platform of Research Financial Group strives to ensure that our clients’ needs come first. Through our association with LPL, Research Financial Group provides well-regarded products, latest technologies, and personalized services expected from an Advisor.

Our mission as your financial services team is to provide the most personalized service possible and build a strong long-term relationship with you. Through this collaborative approach, we aim to help you achieve Financial Balance, no matter how you define it.


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Our Team

Our office is located in a restored 1900’s historic home once belonging to a University of Rochester professor.

The Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA) prides itself as a center of art and culture