A common sense approach to "Financial Balance"

Our Process

Our Process

 is most simply defined by “time.”  The Research Financial Group team spends the time necessary thoroughly examining a client’s current financial structure, identifying their unique goals and crafting a plan to that strives to reach their fruition. 


Gather, Listen, and Learn

Our process begins by listening to our client.  The first meeting involves gathering the information necessary to fully understand their situation today and where they want to be tomorrow. Understanding these needs and goals allows us to offer suitable strategies to help achieve their "Financial Balance."


Develop a Plan

The Team analyzes the information and designs a custom plan to layout the steps necessary to help work toward their goals. This approach provides the necessary information for clients to make informed, intelligent decisions based upon their risk awareness, portfolio strategies, and taxation.


Implement the Strategy

Planning remains essential, but implementation is critical. Once the plan is set forth, taking the actions necessary to succeed is an important role in striving to achieve those goals. Our role is to simplify this process through the personalized plans offered.


Assess and Evolve

Change is inevitable. As the ever changing financial landscape of our client occurs, so should the accompanying plan.  Through ongoing dialogue, regularly scheduled reviews and continuous support, timely adjustments can be made to help keep clients on track with their goals.