Strategic Wealth Management

Investment Portfolio Management

Developing an investment process tailored to one’s goals and risk objectives is crucial to creating and preserving wealth. Our team works diligently to analyze current market conditions, avoid short term distractions, and to keep our clients informed. Taxes, employer sponsored investment plans, and individual situations are other necessary considerations we review in our efforts to assist clients and draft an investment road map to their future.

Retirement Strategies

Everything you do – from planning the education and designations you'd like to acquire, to starting a career and managing your career progression – is done in the hopes that you and your loved ones can find Financial Balance.

If you fail to plan for life after work, you may be left with more questions than answers. An ill-prepared retirement is bound to be one filled with financial stress and chaos, instead of life-enriching experiences and freedom.

Retirement planning shouldn’t start at retirement; it should start well before. We take a long-term view of your financial wellbeing to help create a life after work that is as well-planned as your life while working.

Education Preparation

Without prudent educational planning, individuals and families are often left scrambling to manage and fund the higher-educational aspirations of their own or that of their families. Research Financial Group has helped countless young men and women and their families make socially and financially-informed decisions about their education plans.

Charitable Giving

Through our process, we’re able to identify ways to incorporate the charitable wishes of families. Some find comfort in helping others who are less fortunate, while others simply want to share their good fortune. Presently, the tax code offers incentives for gifting of one’s assets or incomes. Tax deductions are given for current contributions.

Often times, an individual will designate a charitable beneficiary in their will to benefit the organization after the individual dies. By using charitable gifting techniques, a donor may be able to benefit the charity while living without having to sacrifice the income that an asset can generate. Let’s Investigate the many tools available for charitable giving intentions.

Charitable giving
Charitable giving