Legacy Planning

Ensuring control of an estate is crucial. Our team works with attorneys and tax professionals to craft a plan that aims to protect your interests and family.


Our Legacy Planning services include:

Designating beneficiaries: If you don’t choose beneficiaries for your assets carefully, your assets could end up in the hands of individuals that you never intended should benefit from them.

Considerations for dependents’ needs: A well- thought-out Estate Plan will ensure that the needs of your dependents (be they minors, adult children, siblings, persons with special needs or aging parents) are taken care of in accordance with your desires.

Preservation of your estate: Many of your assets – like your long-term investments, property, and other tangible assets – will likely need care, preservation, and management until they are finally disposed of, and the proceeds distributed to your designated beneficiaries.

Distributing your assets/legacy: Without a proper legacy planning, your assets might not be distributed in line with your final wishes. And because creating legally binding wills and ensuring the Estate Plan are in sync with the Will is essential to ensure proper distribution of your estate, our team can support you in this endeavor.