It truly is hard to put into words what my relationship with Sal and Research Financial means to me and my family. I met Sal almost 35 years ago when I was fresh out of college, just getting started on what I thought would be a lifelong career in my family’s business. Sal was working with Marine Midland bank at that time. We had many years of relationship banking with Marine Midland, so a call to them to get a conversation started is where Sal comes in. Things were good, investments grew, and a solid plan for a future after a career was made. Something else was made along the way with Sal which was just as important, trust, respect, and friendship.

The day finally came for me to say goodbye to my old life and at 35, “retire”. We made an appointment with Sal and met with him at his new office space at Linden Oaks. That day we laid out a plan to stay on course to retire, plan and save for our children’s college education, and somehow continue to enjoy the life we love with our family. It was also that day, I firmly wrapped my brain around the fact that I could trust Sal with my life and my family’s. It also made us realize that Sal was not only a trusted advisor, he was a friend and family member to us.

Sal moved his office to his current location that is convenient to just about everyone, old style charming, and most importantly a comfortable setting to continue talking about EVERYTHING (most clients know you spend 15 minutes discussing your finances and 2 hours chatting about everything else, so get comfortable). The one constant, calm, and reassuring voice of reason and guidance, has been Sal. We are proud to say we have been clients of Sal’s since day one. We are even more blessed to have him in our lives in every capacity. We can honestly say, our lives wouldn’t be what they are without him. 

Mark and Amy F.

I met Sal probably about 28 years ago. He was working out of Linden Oaks back then. I remember the move to University Ave and fixing up the house and meeting Jason for the first time. He looked like a kid and of course Alex, who really runs the place!

Sal has been way more than just a financial advisor to me. He’s been a career advisor, and trusted friend.

Since I met Sal, I’ve talked about owning a cottage on Keuka Lake and 8 years ago, Sal connected me with someone who was selling their cottage and I’ve enjoyed the lake ever since.

I met my wife about 10 years ago on a work assignment in Seattle, Washington. I brought her home to Rochester to meet my family and of course, Sal.  He said I would be crazy if I didn’t marry that woman and 18 months later, Sal and Donna were at our wedding.

Sal, thanks for all our talks, the years of friendship and collaboration. I wish you all the best with RFG, your team, your family and look forward to the next 30 years!

George and Susan S.

I first learned about Sal through his admin at the time, when we both worked out at the gym at Penfield racquetball club.  I remember her saying how Sal's clients just loved him, and so we made an appointment to see him. At least on one occasion he had some sort of playpen or crib in the back office and that's where we first met Lauren!  I don't think it's an exaggeration to say connecting with Sal / RFG was a life-changing event for us.

I had various stock options, IRAs, etc. through (at the time) Wyeth / Lederle but didn't know how to manage our resources. RFG is always willing, and in fact volunteers, to help us with financial and other issues that really aren't their responsibility (such as when I set up my consulting business after retirement and dealing with a recent IRS issue).  We think of Sal, Jason and Alex not as financial advisors but as friends of the family, as evidenced by the fact that both our grown sons now work with RFG as well.

Congratulations on 30 years!

David and Velva Z.

Sal and his team always make Joe and myself more at ease after a meeting for our retirement decisions of investing and spending. Sal has always looked out for my Mom and Dad’s well-being, and now that my Mom has been gone 16 yrs. Sal has kept my Dad busy as the company’s maintenance guy which was a blessing. Now Sal and his team are helping our 3 adult children in their financial decisions for their long healthy financial lives which Joe and I are greatly appreciated for all that Sal and the team do for them.  We know they are in great hands. Sal and The Research Team has always been there for us and our family and friends. They go above and beyond to help us make the best financial decisions.  Thank you so very much Sal, for 30 years of great financial support!!

Joe and Christine O.

Continuing a trust in Research Financial that started with my parents. Bob and Kathleen were impressed with Sal at their very first meeting with him - even before there was a Research Financial. It hardly seems possible that was over 30 years ago. My husband's and my confidence in the financial services offered by Sal and Research Financial continues and will do so into the future. A hearty thank you and a very Happy 30th Anniversary to Sal and his fantastic team of financial advisors! 

Mary Fran and Dennis C.

Congratulations on 30 years!!! I met Sal around 2008. My parents were clients of Sal, and my dad suggested that I meet with Sal. Sal and the Research Financial Team have always gone above and beyond to help me with any questions I have regarding my investments. I have always appreciated that Sal has been willing to help me with other questions I have even if they weren’t financial. The Research Financial Team has always treated with me with respect. Thank you for all you do.

Ellen F.

My parents were with Sal and Research Financial from it's very beginnings. Sal was not just their financial planner he became part of the family. There were many dinners and outings where yes business was discussed but more laughs were had. My husband and I followed my parents to RFG. We have always appreciated his advice and friendship. Sal, Alex and Jason are are top notch. Here's to many more successful years to come! 

Beth and Daryl E.

We first became acquainted with Sal DiCiaccio in 1993, when he had much more hair. We have entrusted him with our investment portfolio for 30 years. Sal’s attention to our financial goals has always been superior. We have recommended him to several family members and friends and will continue to do the same.  Also, his support staff is incredible as well.  Congratulations on your 30th year anniversary!

Rose and Vincent M.

Sal was introduced to me when he came to my parents house (early 1990s) as they were some of his first clients. My mom who just turned 88 is still seeking advice today! Sal was at the “early years” of his career. I thought it was pretty cool as I was at the same stage and as an added bonus, we were both Italian! It wasn’t long after that, I then started working with Sal and he has assisted me ever since. I have always felt at ease working with Sal, Jason, and Alex at Research Financial. They always ask about your well-being and how your family is doing, on top of performing the necessary financial advising. That alone means a lot as it shows how much they all care!

Sal- Congratulations on your 30 years.  You have been an incredible advisor with a great deal of passion. You have constantly helped me put things in perspective and have prepared me for the future. I can’t wait for what is yet to come in my next chapter. Thank you for being there and also for helping out my daughters! 


Lynne A.

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